Silk Road Faubourg Marigny

The Faubourg Marigny is one of New Orleans best kept secrets.  Nestled just up from the east river, with the French Quarter to the west, the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood offers an exciting mix of old world charm of cottage style homes intermixed with progressive mix of art, music, and trending food.   New Orleans online describes it as a European flair and a cosmopolitan mix.  It is the home of art galleries, small shops, and museums.  A fun quirky neighborhood that has a personality that exemplifies New Orleans culture.  

The neighborhood architecture will fascinate even the seasoned historian with eclectic old banks, shotgun cottages to mansions.  This quiet neighborhood is sprinkled a diverse persona lets you see this historic part of New Orleans.

Just east of the French Quarter, the Marigny is a wonderful place for a walking tour of the neighborhood.  


Saint Claude Street


St. Claude’s Street offers a cluster of art venues and they have  St. Claude’s 2nd Saturday Art Walk 6-9 pm each month.  There are many galleries, music clubs, theatres, and novelty shops.  From film screenings, poetry readings, and variety shows happening daily at small venues up and down the avenue.  Stumbleupon St. Claude’s hidden treasures and experience new art being made where visitors are encouraged to observe and participate in the making of art.  From fabulous art to funky shops, the Faubourg Marigny will give you a taste of diversity that is pleasing to all.

Stroll down St. Claude Avenue and view art galleries then head south to 4 blocks to Royal Street and you will delight your taste buds and soothe your thirst at Silk Road.     


Silk Road Nola


Silk Road Nola Faubourg Marigny Neighborhood

Silk Road Restaurant is located on Royal Street at the intersection of Royal and St. Roch.  The Marigny could not be a better fit for this neighborhood.  The Indian Asian cuisine flavors are a sweet and spicy blend with the perfect touch for our American palette.  It is the perfect fusion of east meets west with just the right amount of spices , not to overwhelm each dish, but to blend into flavors that will have you yearning for more...

Quench your thirst from Silk Road's wine selection, by the glass or the bottle.  Or choose a beer beverage from our selection of independent breweries.  Either choice will satisfy your thirst and satisfy your sense of adventure.  

Silk Road is also the home of Balcony Guest House.  It is one of the Faubourg Marigny's favorite B&B.  Guest from around the world come and stay in the accommodations.  Visitors are able walk to nearby streets to find a vast array of Faubourg Marigny old world charm.  Streets are filled with a variety of shops offering art, collectibles, and hand made items for your enjoyment.   After a relaxing savory meal or a satisfying beverage at Silk Road, just 5 short block west, is Frenchmen Street.    


Frenchmen Street

A two block stretch which is known for its wide variety of music on any given night of the week.  The eclectic music ranges from jazz to Latin, blues to reggae, with any and everything in between.  Be ready to hear some of the best live music in the city.  As like everything in the Marigny, the cost are affordable.  

Be ready to have fun, dance, and enjoy the sounds that you can only get here in New Orleans.  It is a mix of world class musicians playing music for the love of it.  You'll be in love with it too.


Small Shops on Frenchmen Street are ready for you to explore, find art pieces, or nostalgic tidbit to remember your visit.  The independent shop owners are delighted to show their work, their goods, and have a friendly chat.  It's a small town atmosphere, a glimpse of New Orleans, that let you  share in the lifestyle of this eclectic diverse neighborhood.

Be ready to have a good time in this charming friendlly neighborhood.   


Silk Road Neighborhood Map

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